Schmidt Rubin Rifles

SR96/11-01   Antique Schmidt Rubin 96/11 in 7,5 X 55 (GP-11) calibre   PICTURES

Nice 96/11 rifle which was sold off to the soldier who carried the weapon while in service, indicated by the "P" stamping near the serial number. Lots of blue remaining on this rifle. Matching serial numbers on receiver, barrel, bolt, magazine, floorplate, buttplate & trigger guard. Bore is fantastic (as is the case with most Swiss rifles) with strong rifling & shiny grooves. Stock has a faint cartouche on the right hand side with a sharp acceptance stamp on the bottom behind the grafted in pistol grip. Handguard is nice & tight. Serial Number dates this one to 1898 So this one is an Antique & requires NO FFL for shipment.

$ 395.00 

SR1889     Schmidt Rubin 1889 Straight Pull in 7,5 X 53,5 Swiss (GP90)   PICTURES

Nice rifle which retains 90%+ blueing. All matching example, chambered in 7,5mm x 53,5mm GP90 (Not the GP11 on the current market) Walnut Stock appears to have been sanded at some point but still retains cartouche & canton markings. Mirror bright bore with excellent sharp rifleing.

$ 425.00

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